Smoothing a stoneware planter. Photograph by Tori Dang. 

Megan Siah is the artist behind JIA.

She is a Chinese-American potter based in the SF Bay Area of California. The symbols below: ㄐ一丫, is a phonetic spelling of JIA using Zhuyin. It mostly regional to Taiwan, where her family is from. The name JIA, is a play on word. It can mean beautiful and delightful  and it can also mean home . Delight is often a quality of design used to describe an emotional impression of joy. Each pottery piece is carefully made with the intention of bringing beauty and delight into your home. Hence the motto and meaning behind JIA:

Delightful objects for the home.

Megan's designs are inspired by textures found in nature with a minimalist's aesthetic. She enjoys collecting river stones and rocks by the ocean. They are often the source of color and texture translated into her work. Megan's minimalist aesthetic originates from her background in architecture. She received her B.Arch degree at the College of Architecture and Environmental Design - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Design elements such as balance, symmetry, and clean lines are distinct qualities in Megan's pottery pieces. Each pottery piece is hand-thrown on the potter's wheel. They are unique and one-of-a-kind.